M1 – TVC – Liquid Animation

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Environment Modelling, Lighting, and Compositing for Liquid Animation



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Pflow and Animation done at MIRARI with Jimmy and Michelle.


Coral Cutaway

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Finally managed to get some free time to come back and finish this project off.

project in 3dsmax +mr using splines, polymodelling, displacement, caustics, volumetric, hair and fur and pflow for coral growth.

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ShowReel 2011

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A compilation of work up to now covering modelling, lighting, texturing, animation, dynamics, pflow, rendering, compositing, matchmoving, greenscreen.



Matchmoving 2011

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Snippets of various personal projects using Syntheyes for matchmoving and AE for compositing.  Elements rendered in 3dsmax.

music:  Television Personalities – Diary Of A Young Man

footage:  Various vimeo, shot d90, hollywood greenscreen



Cutler Townhouse – New York

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As I have been using Vray lately for arch vis work and cannot show them, I thought I would do some scenes at home

Modelling, textures, and lighting from scratch

Rendered with Vray

3dsmax + vray + Photoshop

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Cutler Townhouse - New York Cutler Townhouse - New York

Block Alley

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Short animation playing with vovel animation

volselect method turned out faster than pflow + krakatoa

Rendered with single plate and HDR environment

3dsmax + mental ray + after effects